Patient Testimonials

I just wanted to say how thrilled I am with my implants. I had them done last year and my life has changed so much. I now eat food that I wasn’t able to before. I smile all the time, find that I go out and socialize more. It is amazing. My only wish is I had found them years ago. Love my new teeth. Thank you.

Mary Ellen Beattie

One year ago I had upper implants put in. I love them. I can’t even imagine how I was even able to wear my old dentures. I have had only pleasant, prompt service . Never had any complaints whatsoever. I almost feel like I have my own teeth. Thank you.

Wendy Searle

After almost 60 yrs. Of wearing “poor” fitting dentures and then talking to the people at Clarington Denture Clinic, I decided to go for denture implants. I went to a recommended Periodontist who did the implants. No one is more nervous than I, but he certainly was good at his job, He made me feel very relaxed about the whole procedure and there was literally no pain. After a few months and many visits to the Denture Clinic I finally got my new dentures and couldn’t be happier. Steve Bruno is a very caring and meticulous person and he assured me that I would love the outcome. I can’t tell you how happy I am and how confident it has made me feel about myself. I would recommend this procedure to anyone!


Here at the Clarington Denture Clinic in Bowmanville Ontario, certified specialists Steve Bruno and Peter Dodjova are really dedicated to go above and beyond in providing excellent customer service for clients in need of new dentures. It is no wonder that this location has been operating a steady flow of clientele since its opening in 2007. With friendly staff receptionists and professionally trained dental technicians I predict a steady volume of new clients in the near future, as they already have many satisfied returning clients. I am honored to have been granted the privilege to assist as in intern at the Clarington Denture Clinic. It has granted me with invaluable knowledge in understanding the hands on fundamentals of the denturist scope of practice. None of this would have been possible without the help of my good friend and colleague Steve Bruno. With kind regards to all the staff members at the clinic, I would like to thank you all for this opportunity.

Mathew James Keeley

When I started with my new dentures I realized that for years I had not been chewing my food properly. I am completely satisfied with the special work I received.


I can’t say enough about Steve Bruno, as a person and denturist; he takes the time to explain each procedure and does not tire of my questions. I was extremely pleased with my new dentures and the ongoing support that was provided.

Helen Erickson

My whole hearted recommendation to Steve Bruno – this was the most pleasant experience! My teeth look amazing.

Vivian Stoldt

I hardly ever smiled, and found I was always covering my mouth with my hand. Now with my new dentures my family says I am always smiling. I feel more confident and feel such appreciation for the service that was provided to me. This is an amazing feeling and I am most grateful.

Valerie Arsenault

My past experience was not a happy one. My teeth stayed in a box instead of my mouth I just couldn’t handle the discomfort. My stomach was always bothering me too. After seeing Steve Bruno I am back to eating foods I enjoy. No more discomfort. It is without a doubt that Clarington Denture Clinic is the best. Thanks Steve.

Russel Flint

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