Complete Dentures

A complete denture is an oral prosthesis that sits on top of your gums. It replaces all the teeth in the mouth. A full upper denture has suction in the palatal area where as the lower has a moving jaw and tongue when eating speaking and chewing. The full lower denture will have no retention and will move when chewing. It is important to have sharp teeth so chewing can be done with ease. Dentures are needed for proper chewing and more importantly digestion. It is recommended new dentures be made approximately every five years to maintain the physical changes of your body and oral cavity as well as wear on acrylic teeth causing dullness.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture will replace the missing teeth in the mouth and restore a functional oral cavity. With missing teeth a person will chew on one side or in the front therefore causing more strain and pounding on the remaining teeth. Also food will not be broken down enough for digestion. A partial can replace one tooth or several teeth with clasps on healthy dentition in order to retain the partial.

Implant Supported Dentures

A removable denture that is supported by 2-4 posts that are surgically inserted into the bone on either the upper or lower arch. This denture snaps into place.

Implant Retained Fixed Prosthesis:

A fixed denture involves a permanent denture that is supported by usually four or more dental implants. The dental implants function like the natural roots, the permanent dentures will feel very much like your natural teeth did.

Soft Comfort Liners

A soft liner should only be on the lower denture. It is a cushion that is permanently attached to the hard rigid acrylic and in some cases will help a tender ridge absorb some of the pressure. Being a porous material it should be changed every two years and cleaned well every night.

Same Day Repairs

If a denture is dropped or fractured/cracked it can be repaired within a couple of hours. Teeth can also be added to dentures. If a natural tooth needs extraction and a tooth added it is best to contact our office first so we can quarterback the procedure with the dentist and have the tooth added before the extraction which will help with swelling and clotting of the extraction site.

Same Day Relines

A reline is done when bone resorbs and the dentures become loose. An impression is taken inside the complete or partial denture and is restored with acrylic giving the patient a tighter and more comfortable fit. Generally a noticeable change will occur every two or three years. Impressions are taken in the morning an the denture is inserted in the afternoon.

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